Hiring of “The Cressbrook” for Private Functions


  1. Private functions are privately organised events which require special use of any or all of the main room, lower room and kitchen on behalf of an individual or group for a meeting, party or similar event. This does not include events organised by the Cressbrook Community Group, Cressbrook Band or Litton Parish Council, where no charge is made.
  2. All bookings of private functions must be made via the Secretary, Chairman or Bar Manager.
  3. There is a standard fee of £25 per session for functions booked by non – members.
  4. For events organised by or on behalf of members, a £10 per session fee is suggested outside of normal opening hours.
  5. If bar facilities are required outside normal opening hours, the charge increases by £10 per hour to cover additional costs.
  6. The Committee shall have the power to vary or waive any fees it sees fit.
  7. Organisers of private functions should note that Club Members cannot be excluded during normal opening hours.
  8. Organisers of private functions are responsible for replacing any furniture moved for the event, and leaving the premises in a clean and tidy situation.
  9. If the kitchen is required,the organisers must speak to the Chairman to ensure that they conform to all Health and Safety requirements.
  10. For celebratory occasions, it is quite acceptable for organisers to bring their own drink to be distributed to guests. However, it is not acceptable to sell drinks, as this could be a breach of our licence.